xCloud VS DS File for Synology

We receive much feedback from customers about the differences between xCloud and DS File for Synology. Today, we demonstrate comparison between xCloud & DS File to help you have a deeper understanding on xCloud for Synology.


1. Browse File

Both DS File and xCloud enable users to browse files stored on DiskStation and your mobiles.

2. Upload and Download

Both DS File and xCloud enable users to download files from DiskStation to your mobiles and upload files from your mobiles to DiskStation.

3. Open Files and Play Music Directly

Both DS File and xCloud enable users to open files and play music stored on DiskStation and your mobiles directly.


1. xCloud is easy to operate

Firstly, xCloud is easy to log in.

With xCloud username and password, you can log in xCloud on Synology, while you must login DS File with NAS IP address (192.168.xx.xxx), user name and password.

Secondly, xCloud is easy to upload and download.

xCloud allows users to download multiple files from xCloud folder or shared folders on Synology to your mobiles or upload files from mobiles to Sysnology xCloud folder just by tapping download/upload icon put in bottom-right corner. While, users just can download file from Synology DiskStation to mobile in batch, but upload individually. When uploading, users must long press one file and then move to DiskStation.

2. xCloud is more quickly.

xCloud can open file, play music, upload and download more quickly than DS File.

3. xCloud can upload picture instantly.

xCloud can upload picture instantly once shooting by mobiles, while DS File cannot. Users need to install DS photo+ to realize this function.

4. xCloud has greater interface.

Comparing with DS File, xCloud interface is more accessible and elegant.

5. DS File can sort files.

DS File can sort files by Name, Size and Date, however xCloud organizes files just by Time (default mode) when browsing.


xCloud integrates functions of DS File and DS photo+. Activated xCloud account enables users to do what DS File and DS photo+ do. With high performance and great features, xCloud is built strictly on Synology and developed for users to operate easily. What’s more, we will do our best to perfect xCloud for satisfying with our customers.

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