xCloud Version 5 Will Make Giant leap

It might be hard to believe, but we shipped the first version of xCloud back in April 2008. Since that time, the software has been downloaded almost 5 million times at home and abroad.

“In day to day use, V 5 evokes impressions I never had with xCloud APP. It's snappy, fast even. Apps and the desktop applications open quickly and run well, with none of the pauses that exemplify its predecessor,” says acclaimed CEO of D-Team ChengLi.

In the past version, xCloud has made some changes all round, adding more function plate, changing IOS interface and so on. We have been making good progress all the time. It is time to make a giant leap on all aspects, especially new UI design and interface, which will give you totally different experience.

Why Should we Upgrade?

xCloud version 5 allows you to remote video monitoring and manage xRouter via xCloud. IOS version gets new framework from android, but it is not good enough. We expect more surprising. So we change!

What’s new is the version 5?

In this edition of xCloud, you can take a look at some of the new features available in the software. Version 5 will offer new features and a new user interface. Appearing with high quality and visual enjoyment,xCloud’s new interface add more fashion element and convenience of use. The new UI design gives you refreshing look and excellent surface.

What are the biggest changes we will see between v4 and v5?

The most important thing to know about version 5 is that it is not only the enhancement of interface for visual feeling, but also xCloud improve features a lot. With more fast transfer speed , xCloud supports wake on LAN and remote video monitoring . That means the new V 5 was thrown away speed bugs, made a new powerful operation system. The screen touch will give you more agility reaction.

Version 5 is a sweeping redesign of the app that reimagines how modern mobile phone apps should work, while making the popular diagramming app work with taking pictures, data transfer, and more.


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