xCloud Auto Sync-Refresh Your Folder

Check the file which you have transferred to your mobile from PC to ensure if it is the latest version. If not, it may bring some trouble. For example, inexact, even wrong data information is not corrected in the old version. How to get the latest version when you are far away from your PC? xCloud can give you a hand.

xCloud enables you to automatically sync whole folders, including files, music, videos etc and you can change the target device (PC or NAS) to sync.

Following, let’s learn how to use Auto Sync function together.

Of course, at first, you should download and install xCloud on your PC and mobile device.

Then, log in with your xCloud account on PC and mobile device at the same time. Please register a new one if you don’t have an account.

Thirdly, please ensure that your mobile device is charging and WiFi is turned on.

Fourthly, choose the folder you want to sync and then turn on Auto Sync.

Yes, just four steps, Auto Sync is processing. It is very easy. Also, you can turn off Auto Sync if you don’t need to sync the folder.

With xCloud, the refreshed play list, great videos, amazing pictures can be synced automatically and you don’t need to worry that something will be missed and problems caused by the miss come to you. 


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