xCloud 4.2 for And IOS: Same xCloud, Totally New App

After announcing today's 100 million downloaders, and D-Team has developed xRouter which is the best landing product for xCloud, xCloud is not only one software APP, but go on the way of software +hardware. xCloud has refreshed IOS app that's supposed to "the best, the fast" And with a cleaner, lighter, and lightening fast UI, it may just live up to its promise.

Besides, V 4.2 set up two new function part, one is video monitoring which is useful and practical in your daily life, such as looking after your parents via xCloud, drawing a close attention to your baby in doing homework or surfing Internet and so on. The other is sharing, to control your data between yourself and others, such as work teams, relatives, friends, and so on. Sharing becomes one happy and simple thing in close and remote place in the world.

What does it do?

It's xCloud V 4.2, data transmission and cloud storage still on line. The difference is screen interface being changed, totally amazing UI design and fast touch interaction . You'll also be able to transfer your files from your phone to your PC as well as views and downloads files from your PC to your phone, whether in WIFI network or throughout the Internet alike. Instant uploads and photo auto-uploads record wonderful moments in your life. Besides, remote access and public network transferring shorten your distance between you and your files. Moreover, background transmission and rapid uploads improve your work efficiency. And most importantly, reverse-cloud-storage provides you personal unlimited storage space. However, to enjoy all these conveniences, you still need nothing but just xCloud other than any plug-ins or data lines.

Why do we like it?

While there aren't any major new additions are far as strict function goes, the app does feel like an entirely different breed. It's given in to the Flat design you see practically everywhere these days, but more importantly, its simplified the buttons and divided its screens into digestible, bright tabs that make the app far more pleasant to use. The lack of clutter should also speed things up quite a bit as well as keep it running more smoothly. Plus, you can combine it with router to get more between in your life and work.

xCloud IOS V4.2:

1. Add file sharing;
2. More function supported in xRouter devices.

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