Record Every Wonderful Moment-xCloud Instant Upload

You would like to retain the beautiful scenery during travelling; you want to share an extraordinary accident with your friends happened on your way to work. You hope to record every wonderful or unique moment by your camera. However, you may come across some problems. For example, there isn't enough space on your mobile; the memorable pictures disappear suddenly.  Well, xCloud can be a saver.

Instant Upload is one of features of xCloud, which enables users to automatically upload pictures to your PC once they are shot by your mobile devices. If so, you don't need to worry the phone storage and other "accidents" happened.

How to use Instant Upload?

Firstly, ensure that xCloud has been downloaded and installed on your PC and mobile.

Secondly, log in with your xCloud account (or register a new one) on PC and mobile at the same time and connect you mobile with PC.

Thirdly, tap Instant Upload module and you will enter camera mode. Shoot picture immediately and it will be uploaded to PC directly. Of course, the speed is amazing.

Now, I believe that you have gotten how to instant upload picture with xCloud because it is very easy to operate. What’s more, with xCloud, you can share these wonderful pictures with your family or friends to share your happiness. 


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