Got xCloud for Android 4.6 with Fresh Fantastic Features

Actually, we (D-Team Inc.) pay much attention on developing xRouter during this year. But, please don't suppose that we might have abandoned xCloud. Our xCloud developers are working hard and enhance xCloud for Android to version 4.6 and bring several fantastic features.

In order to have a perfect match with xRouter, xCloud for Android version 4.5 adds the feature to support xRouter Control. At the beginning, the controlling just includes the basic functions: to disable devices and restart xRouter. When it is updated to version 4.6, the following improvements on operating xRouter by mobile come to us. 
  • Display real-time status of xRouter.
  • Modify WiFi password of xRouter remotely. 
  • Disable connected devices remotely.
  • Create BT offline download task remotely.
  • Install, uninstall and update applications for xRouter remotely.
  • Restart xRouter remotely.

Based on version 4.5, xCloud for Android version 4.6 improve to operate xRouter remotely and adds new features to operate applications for xRouter remotely. With version 4.6, xCloud makes your smartphone become a perfect controller of xRouter. 

But it is not the ending. Our developers are devoting themselves to updating xCloud. xCloud for Android version 5.0 will give you a completely fresh interface and the performance will be more perfect. What’s more, there will be some amazing and unexpected featured added. Let’s look forward the new version. 


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