Your Public Cloud Maybe Is Being Monitored!

For the last several years, the National Security Agency has been reportedly spying on the searches, emails, and file transfers of Americans using a program called Prism—which tapped directly into the servers used by Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others. After that something usually creep us out in our daily life, every call, every action in front of camera, even every trace in the Internet ,all that be collected and analyzed to enter into the huge devices of NSA in the world, which maybe be saved many years. What’s more, China is the key goal in this monitoring plan. In other words, China is naked when facing NSA’s kinds of information projects. We have to admit that NSA Prism sounds the alarm for Internet and storage safety.”

NSA Prism push data safety problem into eyes of the public, we should give attention to data transmission and storage safety in the big background of cloud computing. In the past, we just have estimated some system or device, however, each small data piece accumulates to important information, even disclosure of state secrets.

Recently, all kinds of reports related NSA Prism linger in our ears, PewResearch do some investments which show more than half American people understand this monitoring action for anti-terrorist. But NSA scandal means huge heavy hit for the public cloud industry which is in full swing in recent years. Because we have no faith in public storage any more. Especially the enterprise users are worried about their business secrets which can affect company’s advantages. Actually, we are suspecting the stability and privacy for the public cloud storage all the time. Now, the best way is using private cloud storage.

“After the exposure of NSA PRISM, hundreds of cloud users call for consulting how to protect data,” the CEO Vaultive from Elad Yoran say. And he also gives some advice that enterprise should attach importance to data safety whenever in the course of transmission or using. If saving data in unsafe data base, all related government departments can review those data without authorization, which will lead to data leakage even suffer a great loss for business secrets. Besides, private cloud storage is the best place for top-secret files.

When the public’s trust for public storage went downhill, more and more people realize the advantages of personal cloud, so that comparing between the two clouds plays on important role. Then what is the advantage of private storage?

Private cloud regard interior data safety protection as one key considering factor, tend to traditional backup system can continue this way, except for such like Backup Exec have to update compatible level. Private take one high reliability transmission way to protect data safety.

xCloud is one product of private cloud, which adopts P2P transmit method so that there is no the third party server or cloud storage. Your data always is in your computer but other place. Even NSA teams are great talented, they can’t monitor your data except for your admission. Nowadays, public cloud environment is so bad. Choosing personal cloud is the wise decision for your privacy light.

Don’t be lazy for saving time shortly!Throw your files into public cloud or the third party storage randomly. In the 21st century, information is money. Especially, enterprise users’ data maybe lead to business failure.


  1. You are so kind, prism make me angry and horrible. I must try xCloud , I can downlaod from your homepage http://www.xcloud.cc/en/ ?

    1. yes。You can download from our homepage:http://www.xcloud.cc/en/,or download directly from APP store and Google play.

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