xCloud Installation Tips

From 2012 to now, it is countless users’enthusiasm to courage us to make great efforts to do better. It is you to accompany us through 2 years of ups and downs. You have give us much valuable advice in the developing process, to inject vigor into xCloud growth. Today, xCloud make a promise that we must live up expectation and devote the best quality product to all users.

Now xCloud just support three language: English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. However, If you are neither Chinese nor English, and your computers’ Windows language also not Chinese and English, you may be have problems when install xCloud in your PC in first time. Because xCloud can’t auto-identify your system’s language, and Chinese installation assistance interface will pop out. Our tech teams have received this problem and we will study out one best solution in the future. Before our best solution come out, there are two ways to solve this trouble.

Method One:

Please change your Windows’ system language into English, Because xCloud is auto-identification for choosing language. When your computer’s language is English, xCloud will show in English assistance interface automatically. Change language tips: http://bit.ly/13illXC.

Method Two:

If you think changing PC’s language is complicated. Don’t worry, we still support another way to complete xCloud’s installation. You just need to refer to following English installation picture. There are all three steps, so it is very simple to do when you look at following three pictures.

Step 1: Clink on ”Next”


Step2: Installing

Step 3:

Only if you do like this, it is very easy and fast to install xCloud in your PC devices. Then please start your xCloud journey!

During the two year, we have developed several new functions, such as Remote Control, File Share and so on. We will build more useful and fun features in the future, to make you work happy and have a better life. We believe xCloud will bring new surprises in the short tomorrow, better mobile solutions and high quality service.

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