xCloud Android 4.2 Version Has Been Published in Jul 2013

In July 2013, D-Team Inc who devotes themselves to multi-functional application and file transmission APP software study has released a new version ---xCloud V4.2. The latest android version of xCloud is expanding the biggest transferring flexibility between PC and mobile devices including smartphone, tablets, Ipod, Itouch etc, which give one more simple solution for many complicated situations in order to create first-rate transmission and cloud storage experience from PC to mobile devices. xCloud V4.2 provides better software for all personal and enterprise users via managing data, this APP can improve your work efficiency to realize higher business level in real time.

The CEO of xCloud say:”Supplying multi-functional xCloud is helpful in improving smartphone’s work efficiency, and reduce transmission cost. Which is one part of development strategy, that is to offer one set of integrated and multi-functional xCloud. “

What is new about android V4.2?

1. Add video online playing;

2. Add free space showing;

3. Optimize auto-sync function;

4. Optimize file sharing function;

5. Other optimization and bug fix.

xCloud V 4.2 tries to be unique in UI design, we not only optimize old version’s interface style totally, but input some new personalization factor which includes more soft tune skin and novel operation interface. Except for those detail optimization , the biggest spotlight is file share function being added. If you have installed xCloud old version, just updating is necessary to use the latest version which is more stable and fast. What’s more, our operation system is more flexible and personalized, you can enjoy higher level users’ experience.

Xcloud wins warm prize from users from the start to now, and have over 2,000,000 users until now. That’ all introduction about xCloud android 4.2 version, if you like it, please download it from Google Play or homepage: http://www.xcloud.cc/en/

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