xCloud Android 4.2 Version Has Been Published in Jul 2013

In July 2013, D-Team Inc who devotes themselves to multi-functional application and file transmission APP software study has released a new version ---xCloud V4.2. The latest android version of xCloud is expanding the biggest transferring flexibility between PC and mobile devices including smartphone, tablets, Ipod, Itouch etc, which give one more simple solution for many complicated situations in order to create first-rate transmission and cloud storage experience from PC to mobile devices. xCloud V4.2 provides better software for all personal and enterprise users via managing data, this APP can improve your work efficiency to realize higher business level in real time.

The CEO of xCloud say:”Supplying multi-functional xCloud is helpful in improving smartphone’s work efficiency, and reduce transmission cost. Which is one part of development strategy, that is to offer one set of integrated and multi-functional xCloud. “

What is new about android V4.2?

1. Add video online playing;

2. Add free space showing;

3. Optimize auto-sync function;

4. Optimize file sharing function;

5. Other optimization and bug fix.

xCloud V 4.2 tries to be unique in UI design, we not only optimize old version’s interface style totally, but input some new personalization factor which includes more soft tune skin and novel operation interface. Except for those detail optimization , the biggest spotlight is file share function being added. If you have installed xCloud old version, just updating is necessary to use the latest version which is more stable and fast. What’s more, our operation system is more flexible and personalized, you can enjoy higher level users’ experience.

Xcloud wins warm prize from users from the start to now, and have over 2,000,000 users until now. That’ all introduction about xCloud android 4.2 version, if you like it, please download it from Google Play or homepage: http://www.xcloud.cc/en/


xCloud Installation Tips

From 2012 to now, it is countless users’enthusiasm to courage us to make great efforts to do better. It is you to accompany us through 2 years of ups and downs. You have give us much valuable advice in the developing process, to inject vigor into xCloud growth. Today, xCloud make a promise that we must live up expectation and devote the best quality product to all users.

Now xCloud just support three language: English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. However, If you are neither Chinese nor English, and your computers’ Windows language also not Chinese and English, you may be have problems when install xCloud in your PC in first time. Because xCloud can’t auto-identify your system’s language, and Chinese installation assistance interface will pop out. Our tech teams have received this problem and we will study out one best solution in the future. Before our best solution come out, there are two ways to solve this trouble.

Method One:

Please change your Windows’ system language into English, Because xCloud is auto-identification for choosing language. When your computer’s language is English, xCloud will show in English assistance interface automatically. Change language tips: http://bit.ly/13illXC.

Method Two:

If you think changing PC’s language is complicated. Don’t worry, we still support another way to complete xCloud’s installation. You just need to refer to following English installation picture. There are all three steps, so it is very simple to do when you look at following three pictures.

Step 1: Clink on ”Next”


Step2: Installing

Step 3:

Only if you do like this, it is very easy and fast to install xCloud in your PC devices. Then please start your xCloud journey!

During the two year, we have developed several new functions, such as Remote Control, File Share and so on. We will build more useful and fun features in the future, to make you work happy and have a better life. We believe xCloud will bring new surprises in the short tomorrow, better mobile solutions and high quality service.


What Can You Do with xCloud?

xCloud - Your Devices, Your Cloud 
If you are a loyal reader of xCloud official Blog, I think you must have known xCloud is a private cloud storage App, which is designed to transfer files between PC and mobile devices securely. However, if some people ask you what you can do with xCloud, I think the first answer emerges in your mind is transfer files. In fact, xCloud also has many other great features. This post is written for you and offers you a list of what you can do with xCloud. 

Transfer Files between PC and Mobile Devices without Limitation of Space and Time 

Transfer Anytime Anywhere
Just like what you have known, we can use xCloud to transfer files between PC and our mobile phones, for instance, upload pictures, videos and music from mobile phone to PC, download files from PC to mobile phone. While without time and space limits, it means we can easily transfer files anytime and anywhere. We know that file can be transferred only when PC and mobile devices are connected, in other words, if you have a trip to another city or country, if you can’t get your PC power-on, you can’t transfer any files from/to your PC. While xCloud is fitted with remote power-on and power-off, then you can remotely turn on your PC and transfer files via xCloud, once finished, turn it off. 

Online Playing 

xCloud Online Playing 
Nice music or films make time fast especially when we are killing time. While nice music and films are stored in PC and you can’t get access to PC. At this moment, xCloud offers you a way to access your PC and online play music from your PC. (Online play video will be added in next version) You just need to add the folders with your favorite files into Custom Directory, and then you can view, download, or online play them (if they are music or videos) on your phone via xCloud. 

Share with Your Friends 

Enjoying with others is always better than enjoying alone. If you have some fantastic pictures, music or videos, don’t forget to share with your friends. With xCloud, you just need to share them to your friends on your desktop xCloud and needn’t send them as attachment via Email. 

Upload the First Hand Pictures to PC and Offer the Live Photo Stream for Your Family or Friends

Normally, we take many pictures and store them in the phone, when the phone reminds us insufficient memory, we begin to move those pictures, music and videos to PC and find some interesting we should share with others, then send them to friends or family. However, some moment we want to share with others, especially those important to us, but they are absent. At this moment, I think most of us will take pictures and send them to friends via message. Nice idea, but it isn’t the best choice. With xCloud Instant Upload, you can take photos and those pictures will be uploaded to your PC or your friends or family’s PC, they can view them at once. It is a live photo stream, those important to you witness the same moment with you. 

Show Your PC’s Utilization Rate and Comparative Result with Others’ 

Xcloud Show Space
If you have downloaded the latest xCloud and when you connect your mobile device to your PC successfully, you can see your PC's utilization rate  and comparative result with others'. 

You can do these with xCloud even if you are new user of xCloud, . With times goes by, you will be more familiar with xCloud and find some special ways to use it, maybe do some crazy thing, if you found some, don't forget to tell us by leaving a comment.

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7 Ways to Transfer Files between Mobile Devices and PC

7 Ways to Transfer Files between Mobile Devices and PC 
It comes to transfer files between PC and mobile devices, I believe that for most people, the first answer emerged on their mind is USB cable. Absolutely, you can transfer files between PC and mobile devices via USB cable, while with the development of society and technology, transferring via USB cable isn’t the best choice anymore, there are many great ways to transfer files between PC and mobile devices, they are convenient and fast. Next, we will talk about those nice ways to transfer files between PC and mobile devices. 

USB cable 

We have to admit that it is the earliest way to connect our mobile devices to our PC, we just need to plug the micro USB into the corresponding interface of your PC and insert another interface into your mobile device, then you can upload photos, music, videos and other files to your PC, or download files you like to your mobile device. It is the most traditional way to transfer files between PC and mobile devices, and the USB cable is indispensable, if you want to transfer files, you have to take this line with you, or you can’t transfer. If there is something wrong with your USB cable or the USB interface of your PC, it isn’t available, either. 

Card Reader 

When we get a new mobile phone, normally, it is equipped with a memory card or it support for installing a memory card. Therefore, if we want to transfer files between PC and mobile devices, we just need to purchase a card reader, then connect it with your mobile chip, then you can upload or download files you like. 


Then we started to use Bluetooth to transfer files via Bluetooth. As far as I remember we share music or nice pictures with friends via Bluetooth, but still used USB cable if we wanted to transfer files between PC and mobile mobiles. Then when the PC also was fitted with Bluetooth, we started to transfer fillies with Bluetooth. However, it requires that we should stay close to our PC, generally less than 10 meter, or they can’t find each other. 

Wifi File Transfer 

When your PC and mobile devices are enjoying the same Wifi network, you can transfer files via wifi file transfer. It is essential to make sure that your PC and mobiles are connected on the same Wifi, or you can transfer files between them. 


We have to admit that Email also is a nice ideal to transfer files, we just need to send an Email with files we want to share. For example, if there are some nice files I want to upload to PC in the mobile phone, I can send an Email with those files on the phone, then I log on the PC and receive this Email, then download those files, now they are in my PC now. Compared to the four ways mentioned above, Email has a lot more flexibility than them, our PC and mobile phone needn’t stay in the same place or connect on the same wifi. While those files you upload to Email can’t be there all the time, they have an expiration date, so download them as soon as possible. 

Network Disk

Network disk is similar to Email in terms of the ways of transferring files between mobile devices and PC, both of them transfer files by uploading files to third-party storage providers and then download them to your mobile devices or PC. Some storage providers do great in storing and transferring files, such as, Skydrive, Google Drive, DropBox, Box, iCloud, etc. You can register an account on their page and upload files to your online storage, then download to your PC or mobile devices. It requires that you should have a good internet connection. 

In order to differ them from the next one we will talk about, so I call network disk Pubic Cloud Storage, because they are third party storage, which offer storage space for all the users. I don’t think you still trust Google, Facebook just like before when you know Snowden Case. Therefore, many people will take private cloud storage into consideration instead of public cloud storage. 

File Transmission Apps 

Because of a lack of trust, we don’t want to transfer files through third parties any more, at this moment, we will think if something helps us transfer our files between mobile devices and PC directly without any third party attending, and we can transfer files anytime and anywhere without gap in time and distance, it would be perfect. I can surely say that some Apps really can do it, for instance, PocketCloud and xCloud. Just take xCloud as an example (because I don’t know how to set up PocketCloud). xCloud is designed to transfer files between PC and mobile devices anytime and anywhere. In other words, with the help of xCloud, we can directly transfer files between PC and mobile devices, moreover, you can play the music or videos from your PC on your mobile devices, even easily share some files with your friends. However, my favorite feature is Instant Upload, it can upload your photos to PC once snapped, most of us like to use our mobile cell phone to record our life, so there are a variety of photos in our phone, and xCloud can help us upload them to PC in soon.

Now, we have listed seven ways to transfer files between mobile devices and PC, if you know some other ways, you can tell us by leaving a comment.


Your Public Cloud Maybe Is Being Monitored!

For the last several years, the National Security Agency has been reportedly spying on the searches, emails, and file transfers of Americans using a program called Prism—which tapped directly into the servers used by Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others. After that something usually creep us out in our daily life, every call, every action in front of camera, even every trace in the Internet ,all that be collected and analyzed to enter into the huge devices of NSA in the world, which maybe be saved many years. What’s more, China is the key goal in this monitoring plan. In other words, China is naked when facing NSA’s kinds of information projects. We have to admit that NSA Prism sounds the alarm for Internet and storage safety.”

NSA Prism push data safety problem into eyes of the public, we should give attention to data transmission and storage safety in the big background of cloud computing. In the past, we just have estimated some system or device, however, each small data piece accumulates to important information, even disclosure of state secrets.

Recently, all kinds of reports related NSA Prism linger in our ears, PewResearch do some investments which show more than half American people understand this monitoring action for anti-terrorist. But NSA scandal means huge heavy hit for the public cloud industry which is in full swing in recent years. Because we have no faith in public storage any more. Especially the enterprise users are worried about their business secrets which can affect company’s advantages. Actually, we are suspecting the stability and privacy for the public cloud storage all the time. Now, the best way is using private cloud storage.

“After the exposure of NSA PRISM, hundreds of cloud users call for consulting how to protect data,” the CEO Vaultive from Elad Yoran say. And he also gives some advice that enterprise should attach importance to data safety whenever in the course of transmission or using. If saving data in unsafe data base, all related government departments can review those data without authorization, which will lead to data leakage even suffer a great loss for business secrets. Besides, private cloud storage is the best place for top-secret files.

When the public’s trust for public storage went downhill, more and more people realize the advantages of personal cloud, so that comparing between the two clouds plays on important role. Then what is the advantage of private storage?

Private cloud regard interior data safety protection as one key considering factor, tend to traditional backup system can continue this way, except for such like Backup Exec have to update compatible level. Private take one high reliability transmission way to protect data safety.

xCloud is one product of private cloud, which adopts P2P transmit method so that there is no the third party server or cloud storage. Your data always is in your computer but other place. Even NSA teams are great talented, they can’t monitor your data except for your admission. Nowadays, public cloud environment is so bad. Choosing personal cloud is the wise decision for your privacy light.

Don’t be lazy for saving time shortly!Throw your files into public cloud or the third party storage randomly. In the 21st century, information is money. Especially, enterprise users’ data maybe lead to business failure.