The First Free Hardware Wake on LAN APP ---xCloud Remotely Turn PC on/off

Remotely Turn PC on/off is one totally new function of xCloud which is under the company of D-Team Inc, it allows you to remotely turn on/off a computer on a local network or over the internet. Which sends wake on order to the xCloud server, then the server send this order to users’ NAS or routers in the local area network, finally the xCloud APP installed in NAS or routers transmit on/off order to corresponding PC , now PC can be wakened on/off. The two function combination of Turn PC on/off and Data Transmission can really realize magical “Clairvoyance” and “Clairaudience” to achieve remote offices and play.

Since xCloud Remotely Turn PC on/off is so amazing, what is the basic technology principle? It is Wake onLAN(WOL) which nearly is the foundation of all remote wake applications. Wake-on-LAN (WOL) is an ethernet computer networking standard that allows a computer to be turned on or awakened by a network message. Wake onLAN(WOL) also be called Remote Wake Technology, it allows remote turn on PC via LAN anywhere and anytime. Just be in same LAN, PC can be started at all times.

Two ways:

1、 Use NAS

For the NAS users, it is very easy to get remote control by xCloud. You just need to download and install NAS xCloud , phone xCloud, and PC xCloud to log in account, then you can use the phone to turn on/off remotely . Enjoy the large storage and high transfer speed!

2、 Use WRT router

If you don’t have any NAS devices, it doesn’t matter. Because xCloud support another way to finish it, that is WRT router. Firstly, you need download and install open WRTDD-WRT plug-in corresponding to the type of router from xCloud homepage, then install phone xCloud and PC xCloud to log in account, now you can use the new function.

What is new?

1We all know that traditional remote wake on applications need tedious setting including routers DDNS setting, binding portIP even MAC etc. However, xCloud realize remote on/off via sending wake on order to the sever of xCloud by phones, which not only avoid dynamic IP but port mapping. You just need sends wake on order to the xCloud server, then the server send this order to users’ NAS or routers in the local area network, finally the xCloud APP installed in NAS or routers transmit on/off order to corresponding PC, now PC can be wakened on/off.

2The price of xCloud is more cheap and affordable than similar remote applications. It is one
real none hardware setting remote wake on via Internet APP, you don’t need complicated
hardware setup any more, even it is unnecessary to buy wake on authorization with expensive
price. xCloud is sample installationeasy to use, even hundreds of PC also can be control easily at
the same time. In other word, everyone is affordable to xCloud. Whatever internal network or
router net your computers are, remote wake on always can be true by xCloud in kinds of
broadband environment.

There are someone who maybe are webmasters or other technical maintain staff usually have many trouble problems including PC automatically shutdownregularly shutdowncrash fault etc. so that they have to rush to company to solve those troubles even when it rains in the midnight or in the busy traffic. Sometimes, they maybe are out of time to fulfill the arduous challenge. It can’t be denied that there are only a few related PC remote control software, but it is necessary to produce some useful automatic wake on methods to help those people in need.

Now xCloud publish one new function to meet their requirement well. Data Transmission and Remotely Turn PC on/off are capable assistants to improve work efficiency greatly, if only you have one NAS or open WRT router, you can control your home or office computer remotely via Android and IOS phone to use files, pictures, music, videos and other applications in a safe and fast way. xCloud is a personal cloud App, designed for data-transmission and share between mobile devices and PC. xCloud turns your own PC or NAS to be a safe, stable and easy-to-use real personal cloud storage and allows you to access these files anytime and anywhere. xCloud make it is possible to remote wake up PC without any hardware, which is the initiate of home. What’s more, xCloud Remotely Turn PC on/off is very popular among old and new users.


  1. wow,cool .The wake over Internet is so amazing!

  2. I am always trying to find some nice ways to transfer files between mobile phones and PC, even ask a question on Answers Yahoo!, but they told me that I can use BlueTooth or wifi transfer files. Your xCloud sounds great, maybe I should try it.

    1. yes.xCloud is one good and useful transfer tool. Welcome to our homepage to know more:

  3. hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)

    1. It is our pleasure to share useful and worthy information。

  4. Thanks for this informative article. I had some troubles with Win 10. For example, after I upgraded it from win 8, my Wake-on-LAN does not work. I tried many things and

    finally I solved the problem.
    Here you can find how to configure Wake on LAN Windows 10

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