The First Free Hardware Wake on LAN APP ---xCloud Remotely Turn PC on/off

Remotely Turn PC on/off is one totally new function of xCloud which is under the company of D-Team Inc, it allows you to remotely turn on/off a computer on a local network or over the internet. Which sends wake on order to the xCloud server, then the server send this order to users’ NAS or routers in the local area network, finally the xCloud APP installed in NAS or routers transmit on/off order to corresponding PC , now PC can be wakened on/off. The two function combination of Turn PC on/off and Data Transmission can really realize magical “Clairvoyance” and “Clairaudience” to achieve remote offices and play.

Since xCloud Remotely Turn PC on/off is so amazing, what is the basic technology principle? It is Wake onLAN(WOL) which nearly is the foundation of all remote wake applications. Wake-on-LAN (WOL) is an ethernet computer networking standard that allows a computer to be turned on or awakened by a network message. Wake onLAN(WOL) also be called Remote Wake Technology, it allows remote turn on PC via LAN anywhere and anytime. Just be in same LAN, PC can be started at all times.

Two ways:

1、 Use NAS

For the NAS users, it is very easy to get remote control by xCloud. You just need to download and install NAS xCloud , phone xCloud, and PC xCloud to log in account, then you can use the phone to turn on/off remotely . Enjoy the large storage and high transfer speed!

2、 Use WRT router

If you don’t have any NAS devices, it doesn’t matter. Because xCloud support another way to finish it, that is WRT router. Firstly, you need download and install open WRTDD-WRT plug-in corresponding to the type of router from xCloud homepage, then install phone xCloud and PC xCloud to log in account, now you can use the new function.

What is new?

1We all know that traditional remote wake on applications need tedious setting including routers DDNS setting, binding portIP even MAC etc. However, xCloud realize remote on/off via sending wake on order to the sever of xCloud by phones, which not only avoid dynamic IP but port mapping. You just need sends wake on order to the xCloud server, then the server send this order to users’ NAS or routers in the local area network, finally the xCloud APP installed in NAS or routers transmit on/off order to corresponding PC, now PC can be wakened on/off.

2The price of xCloud is more cheap and affordable than similar remote applications. It is one
real none hardware setting remote wake on via Internet APP, you don’t need complicated
hardware setup any more, even it is unnecessary to buy wake on authorization with expensive
price. xCloud is sample installationeasy to use, even hundreds of PC also can be control easily at
the same time. In other word, everyone is affordable to xCloud. Whatever internal network or
router net your computers are, remote wake on always can be true by xCloud in kinds of
broadband environment.

There are someone who maybe are webmasters or other technical maintain staff usually have many trouble problems including PC automatically shutdownregularly shutdowncrash fault etc. so that they have to rush to company to solve those troubles even when it rains in the midnight or in the busy traffic. Sometimes, they maybe are out of time to fulfill the arduous challenge. It can’t be denied that there are only a few related PC remote control software, but it is necessary to produce some useful automatic wake on methods to help those people in need.

Now xCloud publish one new function to meet their requirement well. Data Transmission and Remotely Turn PC on/off are capable assistants to improve work efficiency greatly, if only you have one NAS or open WRT router, you can control your home or office computer remotely via Android and IOS phone to use files, pictures, music, videos and other applications in a safe and fast way. xCloud is a personal cloud App, designed for data-transmission and share between mobile devices and PC. xCloud turns your own PC or NAS to be a safe, stable and easy-to-use real personal cloud storage and allows you to access these files anytime and anywhere. xCloud make it is possible to remote wake up PC without any hardware, which is the initiate of home. What’s more, xCloud Remotely Turn PC on/off is very popular among old and new users.


xCloud Make NAS More Powerful

According to smartphone and tablet PC being one popular trend, more and more people enter into the digital time, even there are not few people to use NAS for personal cloud storage system. And the famous Synology bring up the new feeling about personal cloud.

What is the key feature of NAS?

NAS is different from traditional storage service or direct storage devices, the key point is that its system and software just support material storage and related manage function, what's more, it provides more than one document transmission agreement and hard disk in common. And the other servers can't to support the function of file server. It has many types, so it is not only one Embedded devices in a large scale production, but also ordinary computer software.

What is the disadvantages of NAS?

1,We all know the NAS is powerful, but there is no totally perfect thing. It has not solved the key problem relating to the server which is the wideband consumption during use. It is not same with SAN which transfer data flow out from LAN, it is still use network to back-up and recover. It is not best to transfer storage content and SCSI into network in the same time. That's mean LAN not only need to handle normal end users' transmission flow, but need to deal with storage disk request including back-up.

2, NAS storage is limited. Which is just suitable for smaller or LAN, because NAS is limited by company's wideband. When multiple PC devices visiting system, its function maybe decline so that can't meet users' demand.

How can we overcome NAS shortcoming?

It is really happy thing which NAS install some useful APP, one is xCloud which is focusing on personal cloud storage and data transmission. users can save and use files by mobile devices and make its storage more large.

xCloud is an application for remote file transferring that connects PCs and mobile phones directly without third party engaged in, turning the PC into personal cloud storage with rapid, stable, secure and easy-handling features.

xCloud transfers your files from your phone to your PC as well as views and downloads files from your PC to your phone, whether in WIFI network or throughout the Internet alike. Instant uploads and photo auto-uploads record wonderful moments in your life. Besides, remote access and public network transferring shorten your distance between you and your files. Moreover, background transmission and rapid uploads improve your performance. And most importantly, reverse-cloud-storage provides you personal unlimited storage space. However, to enjoy all these conveniences, you still need nothing but just xCloud other than any physical data lines or whatever.


xCloud Get the Praise of Minister YangXueShan

Last month, xCloud has attended the 17th China International Software Expo in Beijing where there are many home and abroad visitors. What’s more , Mr Yang Xueshan, Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology together with Mr Zhao Xiaofan, President of China Software Industry Association are interested in xCloud, and both of them listen to product introduction of D-Team with great interests. xCloud get the praise of leaders with its safety and high speed , and Minister also express his wishes:” Hope your products better and better”.

xCloud is the product of one total new concept: Cloud storage, focus on supporting safe ,fast data transmission and storage service, which turns home PC or NAS devices to private cloud storage devices., to put data on one “visible and touchable” place. The P to P mode is the key to ensure high data speed transferring between mobile devices and PC. It is no exaggeration to say that xCloud is shocking traditional skydrive industry in great power.


xCloud 4.1 Version Has Been Published In Short Time

Do you have such troubles in your daily work routine? Sometimes, it is very inconvenient to transfer some files from your office to your home computer, even if Windows Server2003 can meet demand with its slow speed. Have you ever wondered there are another methods to transmit files in fast speed by sample way?

With the development of technology, some APP products have similar functions to meet market, which can transfer files to remote computers and devices. It is really good assistance for you to work and play. We live one kind of smart phone life in this modern society, more and more people save and read kinds of information and files by smart phone. Which give rise to it is difficult and inconvenient to synchronize phone information with our daily used files, I guess many people have the same trouble. Then use one free APP : xCloud---it is one professional files transmission tool between PC and mobile devices. There is no more simple solution than xCloud. Now, let us know how xCloud transfer files between PC and phones.

This app takes your home PC and turns it into personal cloud storage. While this idea may sound interesting, in reality xCloud doesn't offer a real cloud-based service, but rather enables you to connect your mobile device to your PC remotely. This app has many issues that need to be addressed: security is weak and the execution leaves much to be desired.

So 4.10 version come to market in high speed. D-team staff  improve xCloud functions in great efforts, they work hard to make it better with thousands of test and market investment. The version of 4.10 is nearly same comparing to 4.00 in the main functions.

☆ Remote access anytime anywhere   Remote access your PC with mobiles via Internet securely. No limitation on file format nor file size in transmission.

☆ Instant Uploads   Once snap a photo, you can upload it instantly. With 3rd-party cameras photographing supported, newly-taken photos can be uploaded to your PC automatically.

☆ Rapid Transmission    Within the same WiFi network, transfer speed can be up to 10MB/s which equals to a 100M network cables does.

☆ Privacy & Security   Upload data to PC directly without 3-rd party engaged in, thus keeping your personal files private and secure.

☆ Remote Wake PC over Internet  Switch your PC on/off remotely by a simple click whenever necessary*. (For detailed settings, please refer to “Help” on official web site.)

☆ xCloud Neighbor   In some circumstances, when there were no Internet connection on WiFi or even no WiFi signal, xCloud will still work though switching to AP mode or finding neighbors.

☆ Support for Synology NAS devices  The latest version of xCloud supports for Synology NAS devices.

What’s new in xCloud v4.1:
1.      Add folder sharing in public and private;
2.      Optimize Remote Control;
3.      Bug fix.

However, you can get obviously feeling about its transmission speed and stable environment. xCloud has potential, but it needs improvement. In short, new version of xCloud give many personal changes based on before function, of course, I think the key reason is that the old version is not completely perfect. What’s more, xCloud will provide better and better service and products in the future. If you want to try xCloud 4.10 version, you can search in Google Play and our homepage: http://www.xcloud.cc/en/