What's xCloud?

Instant Uploads

Desktop, tablet, laptop, smart phone, how many digital products do you have? Are you always upset with the difficulties in data transmission? Is SD-Card of your phone not big enough to store your frequently-used files? Always forget to take your USB data cable when needed?

Face Off

xCloud, an app turning your personal computer into mobile phone’s hard disk, can transmit almost any common format of data. Wish to share photos with friends nearby a party? Tap “Instant Uploads”, photos you just captured will be uploaded to your computer immediately. Data transmission is available between mobile device and computer even without network and USB data cable. Once “Photo Auto-Upload” is turned on, newly-created photos will be uploaded to the trusted computer automatically. Regardless of your are on the beach or at the cafĂ©, at leisure or at work, near or far, you can always upload files to computer or download files from computer with mobile divices easily. All files can be transmitted directly between mobile phone and personal computer, without third-party server, even private file can be transmitted at ease. Convenient, high speed, safe. With xCloud, your computer and phone become mobile disk for each other.

Remote Control

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