Never Lose Your Photos Again

I guess nobody want this happen, but I believe that the annoying thing below is always happening in your daily life: drop your mobile phone in the sink, or even worse…the toilet; have it fall into the pet’s water bowl; get it soaked in water, tea or coffee; make it be lost or be stolen. Then your photos in mobile phone disappear. You will be more than happy and surprised to see your priceless photos in safe, and you won’t get frustrated if you follow below simple tips.

1.       Apply xCloud ” Instant Uploads” in your daily life. When you capture photos, once click “Instant Uploads”, the photos you take will be uploaded instantly to your computer by xCloud. So your photos will be safe in your computer after mobile phone be lost or get wet.

2.       Turn on “Photo Auto-Upload”, your newly-created photos will be uploaded to the trusted computer automatically. So you don’t need to worry about your photo when your mobile phone get wet.

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