You perhaps know FACE/OFF, which is a 1997 American action thriller film acted by Nicolas Cage. You may know Face Off, which is a stunt in Sichuan Opera, expressing character’s changing emotion. You also can know face off ,which is an attitude changing from good to bad or from bad to good. Since you knew so much about face off, you are not unfamiliar with the Face Off in xCloud.
FACE/OFF: an American action thriller film directed by John Woo, starring Niclolas Cage and John Travolta.

Face Off: one of stunts in Sichuan Opera to build characters, is a romantic skill to express inside feeling of characters throught several facial make-up at once.

xCloud craftly apply the element of face-off in its interface changing, that is, blue interface of mobile swiching to green interface of PC. Well, I have to say that is amazing. It helps make a distinction between mobile and PC, so you can upload and download freely and easily. All men search for beauty. I beg you do. You want to be fashionable, you want to be leading, and you want to be keeping pace, then what are you hesitate for? 
orhttps://itunes.apple.com/app/xcloud/id543856562?mt=8 for ios

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