Global Video Contest:Take Your iPhone5 Home

Today we release a video contest for xCloud users:Global Video Contest for xCloud Users, Share Your Story with xCloud and Win iPhone5 for the New Year.Check more surprise out @http://www.xcloud.cc/xCloudChristmas.html

xCloud allows your remotely control your computer, manage your files and turn your computer into mobile hard disk for your cellphone. Then you don't need to worry about the space of cellphone, you can get rid of USB data cable, and you can access your files(pictures, music, videos etc.) anytime,anywhere. To help users learn to use the app and make video, we created some videos to start the project and also to encourage users' better contributions. Before making your video, you may as well watch the short video.

Now that the contest is released, we are excited to accept creative video, to share the video with other users, to grant our prizes to the final winner.

As planned we will be breaking down many hot videos on our contest page(http://www.xcloud.cc/xCloudChristmas.html) over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for that!

P.S: Be sure to stay till the end for the big surprise from our sponsor.

FAQ: Christmas sales?

Yes, only $1.99 for Christmas

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