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My experience of using xCloud
by anonymous xCloud user

Hey, guys. I’d like to share my experience of using xCloud with you!
I have a smart phone SONY Xperia S(12M Camera. lol) and love capturing.
I must use a data cable every time I need to export photos from my phone.
It’s rather annoying when I need to frequently capture and check the photos in my PC.
Through a friend’s introduction, I installed an app with win phone style called xCloud at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.diting.xcloud&feature=search_result&hl=en

The UI is pretty attractive with blue and green grids as its Home Page UI.
Besides the UI, the function xCloud offered is also very practical. Here I’d like to share the following function with you:

1. Capture & Upload

This is the function that appeals to me most because I need to capture what happens around and upload to my PC frequently. With xCloud, I just need to capture and photos will be uploaded automatically to my PC in a very amazing speed (Approximately 0.3 seconds per photo, based on the network condition and photo size. The photo size in my phone is 2 MB on average).

2. Files transferring between Phone and PC.

xCloud supports all-format files transferring and photo, video, music, PDF, word files browsing, which makes my phone become an awesome wireless portable disk. What’s amazing is I can even do file transferring with 3G channel. With xCloud open in my PC, I can download and upload files even I am outside.

3. Direct Transferring

With my laptop as the hotspot, I can do files transferring directly between my laptop and phone without a router. This function is very practical and convenient when I hang out with friends and share photos with them.

Hmm…anyway, I also expect a lot of improvement. For example, I think account is not necessary in a Wi-Fi environment (it’s necessary in 3G channel) because devices scanned in the same Wi-Fi environment require no account involved in. That is just my personal perspective for reference. :)

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