How to Remote Wake over Internet with xCloud

Since xCloud 3.0 published, many users are attracted by the ass-kicking function of "Remote Wake over Internet" which means Power on/off PCs with xCloud remotely. But there are many users are confused about how to "Power" it exactly. In fact, to accomplish this operation, you need to have some settings.

a.Click “Manage Devices” in “Settings”;

b.The history of the PCs that you logged in with successfully will be displayed in “My Devices”. Switch “On/Off” to start up/shut down.

Setup PCs to accomplish remote powering on\off

In general, the mainboard is for waking PC in BIOS by default. If it didn’t work with xCloud, then you need to setup your BIOS. For different mainboards, settings are also different. Here we list the ways of settings of several mainboards.
I. Manufacturer: GIGABYTE
i. Press “DEL” to enter BIOS menu and select Power Management Setup;


ii. Set “PME Event Wake Up” to “Enabled”;

II. Manufacturer: ASUS
Press “DEL” to enter BIOS menu; then select “Power” and set “Power On By PCIE Device” to “Enabled”

III. Manufacturer: ASUS, GIGABYTE Press “DEL” to enter BIOS menu; then select “Senior” and set “PCIE device wake up” “On”.

IV. Manufacturer: Colorful mainboard CH61K    

V. Screenshots of some other manufacturers’BIOS settings:

Network Interface card must support for WOL standards. In order to check for that, with power supply and mainboard supported, you can shut up your PC first to check the indicator of cable status that connects Network Interface card and your device. If it lights, it means the Network Interface card supports for WOL (even though the function isn’t turned on in mainboard BIOS, the indicator still lights) . Otherwise, it doesn’t. If you still cannot remote wake your PC after all the settings, you need to check whether the“Allow the device to wake the computer”is checked in “Power management“of“Properties”.
To be specific: Right click computer, then tap on“Management”-“Device Manager”-“Network Adapters”. Then tap on Network Interface card and check “Allow the device to wake the computer” in “Power management“of“Properties”.

xCloud still cannot connect to PC?

Check your UPNP settings. Here are UPNP settings of several main routers.


 After all the settings above, you can enjoy yourself with xCloud  to power on/off your PC at will.


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