An Instruction Manual of xCloud in Use

Since published recently, xCloud has an increasing number of fans and gains a better and better reputation. Meanwhile, as some of the big fans requested, some are still feel confused about the "step-by-step" instructions of how to use xCloud correctly. Therefore, D-Team are glad to show a detailed list of how to use xCloud correctly.

Before making this, we'd like to highlight that xCloud has an xCloud server (also called PC version) and an xCloud app (also called Mobile version). It's very important to have both xCloud server and xCloud app to make sure connect xCloud perfectly.

1. Download an xCloud server (also called PC version), which is for Windows, Synology, Mac specificlly at http://www.xcloud.cc/download.html
(Let's take Windows for example in the following instructions)
2. Install the downloaded xCloud server on your Windows.
3. Create an xCloud account and password with an Email on Windows. 
4. Login to xCloud on your Windows with the xCloud account and password you created. (Attention: xCloud can only be connected successfully when xCloud is already logged in on PC)
5. Download and Install an xCloud app on your mobile devices (support iOS and Android for now). 
(Let's take iOS for example in the following instructions)
6. launch xCloud on your iOS
7. Login to xCloud on your iOS with the same account and password you created on your Windows(Attention: xCloud can only be connected successfully on mobiles with the same account and password on your PC) 
Try all the features of xCloud and have fun.

If this still dose not help, you may refer to a demo video for using at:

Any further questions about xCloud, please contact us at

Email: support@xcloud.cc
Twitter: @xCloud001
MSN: xcloud
Skype: xCloud001


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