A must app for travelling——xCloud 3.0, remote Wake PC at will

Question: 3+7=8???         Answer: Yes, it is when National Day runs into Mid-autumn Festival in China!!

Autumn is a season for travelling, especially for Chinese. The sky is blue, the trees are yellow and the weather is great! The most importantly, the holiday is on its way!

One of the traditional days of Chinese, Mid-autumn festival runs into the annual National Day this year, again! Basically, 14 billion Chinese people are supposed to take 7 days off in National Day and 3 days in Mid-autumn festival. However, as you may notice, 7 plus 3 makes 8!!!! This is always true when National Day so "happened" to be the same period with Mid-autumn festival!
And that's why people are more eager to hang out for a few days----seizing the one-of-the-kind Golden Travel season!
Let's pack up and get away with a little plan right NOW!!

In such a "Rush" era, what should we pack for travelling especially in such a short holiday??
A map, camera, PC, MP3, books....No! you needn't have to! You just need ONE mobile phone with some necessary appps!

It's really an out-of-date idea to pack your heavy camera into your over-loaded luggage for your trips! But now, you won't miss any wonderful scenes in your tranvel with Camera 360!
Take your pictures and keep your memories!

If one can take photos with Camera 360 to simplify his trip, xCloud can even makes his package lighter! 
 xCloud is an app for data transferring that connects PCs to mobile phones. xCloud turns your PC at home into your personal cloud storage, or a net disk, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. xCloud enables you to upload or download photos, music, videos or other files at will when you’re not at home.
 With xCloud’s “Wake over Internet function, there’s no need keeping your PC open in case you need to access data any more. You can just login to xCloud on your mobile and wake your PC whenever necessary.

With Facebook/G+ mobile apps on your phone, you can share anything intersting and beautiful in meet during your trip with your friends, such as some funny poems you may read these days
If you like sharing and it so happen that you're kind of "Lazy", you want share  everything short and to the piont, you just need another app called WeChat, which is a voice messaging system.

Travel Translator
This is for thr guys who want to travel abroad, including more than 40 languages, which can be used to inter-translation by inputing words or voices.

One phone plus several apps makes you throw away your over-loaded luggeges and start your trips right now!
                                                  May all the Chinese people have fun in the 8-day holidays!


  1. This also for the people who are fond of travelling no matter who they are or which county they come from!

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