xCloud File Sharing-Share What You Want

Without any third-party serves, xCloud enables you to access and transfer files between mobile devices and PC. Because of this feature, someone who isn't very familiar with xCloud may ask this question: "How can I do if I want to share something with xCloud?" Today, I will give you an answer. 

At the beginning, we need some preparations. Download and install xCloud for Windows. Then, double click xCloud icon on desktop to open and log in xCloud account (or register a new one). 

Now, please follow me and share your folder. 

1. Get xCloud icon on taskbar on right-click it to access xCloud Share.

2. Click Add sharing button to share folder with Private Sharing or Public Sharing.

Private Sharing

Click Private Sharing and xCloud will let you select a folder you want to share with others from computer. Then, the following dialog box pops up and require you to enter accounts to share. If you want to add multiple accounts, please separate them by semicolon. 

Public Sharing

Click Public Sharing and xCloud will let you select a folder you want to share with others from computer. Then, a code will be given to you, which allows others to get shared folder. You can copy this code or send it by Email directly. 

Also, you can switch Private Sharing to Public Sharing and vice versa.

OK, now you have completed sharing. 

It is very easy to get shared folders. Log in your xCloud account on mobile. Tap File Sharing module and enter code to extract. 

xCloud can help you if you want to share photos with friends when you have a holiday trip to dreamed destination or delicious meal with family. 

Spread happiness to everyone everywhere and enjoy beautiful life!


xCloud Auto Sync-Refresh Your Folder

Check the file which you have transferred to your mobile from PC to ensure if it is the latest version. If not, it may bring some trouble. For example, inexact, even wrong data information is not corrected in the old version. How to get the latest version when you are far away from your PC? xCloud can give you a hand.

xCloud enables you to automatically sync whole folders, including files, music, videos etc and you can change the target device (PC or NAS) to sync.

Following, let’s learn how to use Auto Sync function together.

Of course, at first, you should download and install xCloud on your PC and mobile device.

Then, log in with your xCloud account on PC and mobile device at the same time. Please register a new one if you don’t have an account.

Thirdly, please ensure that your mobile device is charging and WiFi is turned on.

Fourthly, choose the folder you want to sync and then turn on Auto Sync.

Yes, just four steps, Auto Sync is processing. It is very easy. Also, you can turn off Auto Sync if you don’t need to sync the folder.

With xCloud, the refreshed play list, great videos, amazing pictures can be synced automatically and you don’t need to worry that something will be missed and problems caused by the miss come to you. 

How to Get the NAS&IOS APP for Free

Paid = Free?

Yes, xCloud will open free experience for users from 2013/12/24---2014/01/4 in Christmas period. If you have iphone,iPad,PC and so on, xCloud is really suitable for you.

Before it is paid:

What is xCloud?

xCloud can connect your mobile with PC directly to transfer data even when network is unavailable or in bad WiFi signal as Bluetooth does. But the transmission speed is dozens of times faster than Bluetooth; while the operation is much easier.

Different from net disk,xCloud simply turns your own PC disk or NAS to be your real personal cloud storage.xCloud makes your file absolutely safe and private as these file are stored where you can see and touch,of course,you can change the place of storage.

xCloud allows you to expect as much storage as you wish by expanding you PC disk or NAS.xCloud enables you to transfer any file without any limitation.All these features makes xCloud the real safe personal cloud storage you can have.


Remote access anytime anywhere Remote access your PC with mobiles via Internet securely. No limitation on file format nor file size in transmission.
Instant Uploads Once snap a photo, you can upload it instantly. Newly-taken photos can be uploaded to your PC automatically.
Rapid Transmission Within the same WiFi network, transfer speed can be up to 10MB/s which equals to a 100M network cables does.
Privacy & Security Upload data to PC directly without 3-rd party engaged in, thus keeping your personal files private and secure.
Remote Wake PC over Internet* Switch your PC on/off remotely by a simple click whenever necessary*. (For detailed settings, please refer to Help on official web site.)
WiFi Direct Link In some circumstances, when there were no Internet connection on WiFi or even no WiFi signal, xCloud will still work though switching to AP mode or finding neighbors.
Support for Synology NAS devices The latest version of xCloud supports for Synology NAS devices.

Now it is free!!!

How to get xCloud freely?
It is your first time to use xCloud, you can take big gifts now.
1,Please like official facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xCloud001
2,Please give your common email address in facebook page, so that we can give back xCloud free code to you.
Or: Please clink on following link to take part in our Christmas activity, it is more simple.

We never tire of repeating it. Get Free Apps is free and the apps that you download from here are too, or else will have a big discount. You will find the best on the market and will be able to enjoy them forever. What's more, as they are acquired through Google Play Store, they will be in your name.


Got xCloud for Android 4.6 with Fresh Fantastic Features

Actually, we (D-Team Inc.) pay much attention on developing xRouter during this year. But, please don't suppose that we might have abandoned xCloud. Our xCloud developers are working hard and enhance xCloud for Android to version 4.6 and bring several fantastic features.

In order to have a perfect match with xRouter, xCloud for Android version 4.5 adds the feature to support xRouter Control. At the beginning, the controlling just includes the basic functions: to disable devices and restart xRouter. When it is updated to version 4.6, the following improvements on operating xRouter by mobile come to us. 
  • Display real-time status of xRouter.
  • Modify WiFi password of xRouter remotely. 
  • Disable connected devices remotely.
  • Create BT offline download task remotely.
  • Install, uninstall and update applications for xRouter remotely.
  • Restart xRouter remotely.

Based on version 4.5, xCloud for Android version 4.6 improve to operate xRouter remotely and adds new features to operate applications for xRouter remotely. With version 4.6, xCloud makes your smartphone become a perfect controller of xRouter. 

But it is not the ending. Our developers are devoting themselves to updating xCloud. xCloud for Android version 5.0 will give you a completely fresh interface and the performance will be more perfect. What’s more, there will be some amazing and unexpected featured added. Let’s look forward the new version. 

Christmas Free Is Coming!!!

Whether you are IOS users or NAS users and Andriod users ,xCloud is always your good assistant in data transmission and cloud storage.

xCloud features:
1,xCloud simply turns your own PC disk or NAS to be your real personal cloud storage.
2,xCloud enables you to you to access all your files on your computer or NAS from smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices.
3,xCloud takes further step to firstly make Wake over Internet and remote shutdown available, so that users can take a better control of the data-transmission.
4,xCloud enables users to directly play music without down-loading them from PC or NAS.
5,xCloud will automatically sync the folders which is under monitor. xCloud provides more sync feature than you expect
6,xCloud enables your mobile devices automatically uploads a photo once it is snapped. During the uploading, users can take phones or enjoy music as the whole procedure is going in the back end.

Get free APP: Just need two steps,you can get xCloud VIP one year freely.

1,step 1: Like facebook:

2,step 2:Give your email via facebook.

3,More information:http://bit.ly/1bViiKX

We’re excited to offer this savings to our customers this holiday season and hope it gives you something to sing about! At last, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Happy NewYear.


Record Every Wonderful Moment-xCloud Instant Upload

You would like to retain the beautiful scenery during travelling; you want to share an extraordinary accident with your friends happened on your way to work. You hope to record every wonderful or unique moment by your camera. However, you may come across some problems. For example, there isn't enough space on your mobile; the memorable pictures disappear suddenly.  Well, xCloud can be a saver.

Instant Upload is one of features of xCloud, which enables users to automatically upload pictures to your PC once they are shot by your mobile devices. If so, you don't need to worry the phone storage and other "accidents" happened.

How to use Instant Upload?

Firstly, ensure that xCloud has been downloaded and installed on your PC and mobile.

Secondly, log in with your xCloud account (or register a new one) on PC and mobile at the same time and connect you mobile with PC.

Thirdly, tap Instant Upload module and you will enter camera mode. Shoot picture immediately and it will be uploaded to PC directly. Of course, the speed is amazing.

Now, I believe that you have gotten how to instant upload picture with xCloud because it is very easy to operate. What’s more, with xCloud, you can share these wonderful pictures with your family or friends to share your happiness. 

xCloud 4.2 for And IOS: Same xCloud, Totally New App

After announcing today's 100 million downloaders, and D-Team has developed xRouter which is the best landing product for xCloud, xCloud is not only one software APP, but go on the way of software +hardware. xCloud has refreshed IOS app that's supposed to "the best, the fast" And with a cleaner, lighter, and lightening fast UI, it may just live up to its promise.

Besides, V 4.2 set up two new function part, one is video monitoring which is useful and practical in your daily life, such as looking after your parents via xCloud, drawing a close attention to your baby in doing homework or surfing Internet and so on. The other is sharing, to control your data between yourself and others, such as work teams, relatives, friends, and so on. Sharing becomes one happy and simple thing in close and remote place in the world.

What does it do?

It's xCloud V 4.2, data transmission and cloud storage still on line. The difference is screen interface being changed, totally amazing UI design and fast touch interaction . You'll also be able to transfer your files from your phone to your PC as well as views and downloads files from your PC to your phone, whether in WIFI network or throughout the Internet alike. Instant uploads and photo auto-uploads record wonderful moments in your life. Besides, remote access and public network transferring shorten your distance between you and your files. Moreover, background transmission and rapid uploads improve your work efficiency. And most importantly, reverse-cloud-storage provides you personal unlimited storage space. However, to enjoy all these conveniences, you still need nothing but just xCloud other than any plug-ins or data lines.

Why do we like it?

While there aren't any major new additions are far as strict function goes, the app does feel like an entirely different breed. It's given in to the Flat design you see practically everywhere these days, but more importantly, its simplified the buttons and divided its screens into digestible, bright tabs that make the app far more pleasant to use. The lack of clutter should also speed things up quite a bit as well as keep it running more smoothly. Plus, you can combine it with router to get more between in your life and work.

xCloud IOS V4.2:

1. Add file sharing;
2. More function supported in xRouter devices.


Free Advent & Christmas Mobile App

As is tradition for this time of the year, xCloud ready to dole out free goodies every day from December 24 up until to January 04.

This year, the app of xCloud V 4.2 has approved on APP Store and Google Play beyond Europe and Canada as it gets extended to US consumers as well. You can download xCloud each day via the homepage or other place— including App store, Google Play, Slideme and so on. Each day’s gift will only be available for 24 hours.


What can xCloud do for Christmas?
Featuring meditative music with scripture and reflections, this app for iPhones, iPads, Androids and all other Smartphones is the perfect spiritual aid while stay in home or outside to buy presents or trekking to stores in the wee hours for that midnight madness sale. When Advent begins on Sunday, Dec. 1, the mobile app will feature a new prayer each day to help play music on your PC and NAS devices.
What can xCloud do for you?

xCloud is an app that lets you sync your files (docs, music, videos etc) between your home PC and your mobile device (iPhone, iPad or Android device) and then access them anywhere anytime. You simply register for an account, install the app on your mobile device (it is available for iPhone and Android), install the server version on your PC, and then log in to the app at the same time.

What is Features?

Transfer files anytime anywhere Instant Uploads Fast Transferring Privacy & Security LAN Connection Synology NAS devices supported

xCloud is built upon your personal hardware, therefore it stores all your data up to terabytes without any subscription fee. Data stored centrally at xCloud forms a complete backup copy, and is always consistent.

What's New in Version 4.2.0?

1. Add file sharing;
2. More function supported in xRouter devices.

It has not said what the gifts will be, but it is offering them for free, and will let users get in the discount from Christmas. If you’ve never used it you’re in for a treat. Download the app today and from 24 December to 4 January you’ll be given a free app every day. And they’re usually good ones too. It can be anything from pictures and files to films and songs. Each day’s gift is available for 24 hours then it’s on to the next. The app is free to download and there are no catches on homepage: http://www.xcloud.cc/en/

xCloud VS DS File for Synology

We receive much feedback from customers about the differences between xCloud and DS File for Synology. Today, we demonstrate comparison between xCloud & DS File to help you have a deeper understanding on xCloud for Synology.


1. Browse File

Both DS File and xCloud enable users to browse files stored on DiskStation and your mobiles.

2. Upload and Download

Both DS File and xCloud enable users to download files from DiskStation to your mobiles and upload files from your mobiles to DiskStation.

3. Open Files and Play Music Directly

Both DS File and xCloud enable users to open files and play music stored on DiskStation and your mobiles directly.


1. xCloud is easy to operate

Firstly, xCloud is easy to log in.

With xCloud username and password, you can log in xCloud on Synology, while you must login DS File with NAS IP address (192.168.xx.xxx), user name and password.

Secondly, xCloud is easy to upload and download.

xCloud allows users to download multiple files from xCloud folder or shared folders on Synology to your mobiles or upload files from mobiles to Sysnology xCloud folder just by tapping download/upload icon put in bottom-right corner. While, users just can download file from Synology DiskStation to mobile in batch, but upload individually. When uploading, users must long press one file and then move to DiskStation.

2. xCloud is more quickly.

xCloud can open file, play music, upload and download more quickly than DS File.

3. xCloud can upload picture instantly.

xCloud can upload picture instantly once shooting by mobiles, while DS File cannot. Users need to install DS photo+ to realize this function.

4. xCloud has greater interface.

Comparing with DS File, xCloud interface is more accessible and elegant.

5. DS File can sort files.

DS File can sort files by Name, Size and Date, however xCloud organizes files just by Time (default mode) when browsing.


xCloud integrates functions of DS File and DS photo+. Activated xCloud account enables users to do what DS File and DS photo+ do. With high performance and great features, xCloud is built strictly on Synology and developed for users to operate easily. What’s more, we will do our best to perfect xCloud for satisfying with our customers.

Christmas Gifts Are Comeing!!!

Christmas is around the corner !

The giving season is a great time to appreciate our users and make some discount or free thanking feedback. Now xCloud plan some “Christmas gifts” to our old and new users for all your supporting and suggestion in the last years. We promise: xCloud will be better and provide best service by ourselves in the future.

Different from net disk, xCloud simply turns your own PC disk or NAS to be your real personal cloud storage. xCloud makes your file absolutely safe and private as these file are stored where you can see and touch, of course, you can change the place of storage. xCloud allows you to expect as much storage as you wish by expanding you PC disk or NAS. xCloud enables you to transfer any file without any limitation. All these features makes xCloud the real safe personal cloud storage you can have.

What’s more, the xCloud version 5 will make a big change in function and software interface. Our APP will greatly enhance comparing the past. And we take following “gifts” for you, hope you like!!!

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For experienced users

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Discount time: 2013/12/24---2014/01/4

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We’re excited to offer this savings to our customers this holiday season and hopeit gives you something to sing about! At last, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Happy NewYear.